Why You Need to Prep as a Wedding Photographer Essex

wedding photographer EssexHave you ever heard of a soldier going to war without a proper battle plan in place? Of course not! Any soldier that does that is just paving the way for a fast defeat or even death of him/herself or subordinate. That is why you always see war strategies being discussed. These strategies also have alternatives to ensure that when contingent events arise, there will be proper methods in place to deal with them.

A wedding photographer Essex should view himself or herself as a soldier. The wedding in question is your battle ground and you need to have various options in place to deal with the possible situations that are likely to rise. If you do not, then you may end up disappointing the wedding couple with the results you present as their wedding album.

That is why, most times we emphasize that for every wedding event a photographer is going to be covering, never make the mistake of going there without a plan or with the same plan you used for a prior event. It is a certain fact that no two events will be the same. This is due to human nature. The taste of every individual varies from their closest counterpart so you cannot expect the same situation you encountered in party A to be replicated in party B. Making that assumption will be a huge mistake on your part.

Below, we are going to emphasize reasons why proper planning is essential before covering a wedding:

  • Prevent surprises

Imagine going to a wedding with one camera and no backup batteries. Now, imagine that during the course of your covering the event, a wedding guest bumps into you leading to your camera falling and sustaining heavy damage. If this happens to you what does that mean for the wedding pictures? Are you just going to stop taking pictures of the wedding because you have no backup camera? If that is the case, then you have definitely failed in your responsibility as a wedding photographer. The couple is not going to listen to your excuses of someone bumped into me since it is your job as a professional to ensure the job you are tasked with is achieved.

  • Ensure readiness

Like they say, anything can happen at any time. What if the wedding couple asks that you stay till the late hours of the day because they want to capture night time photographs? Will you turn them down? Of course, this may also come with extra cash for you and because you did not have a night flash, you end up turning down this opportunity. In photography, it is important to note that you do not rule out anything. You never know the situation you may very find yourself in one day so always plan ahead.

  • Backup

There have been several situations where photographers failed to have backups for memory cards, batteries and even cameras in place. Then certain situations demanding for these accessories eventually crop up. Do not be this type of photographer who ends up regretting lack of foresight. Always be ready.

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