Tips for Better Flash Photography in Newborn Photography Calgary

newborn photography CalgaryUsing flash in newborn photography Calgary could either make the shots even more beautiful or ruin the whole photoshoot session. It’s a newborn baby that you are using as your subject after all, thus gentle and careful treatment is a must. That being said, you need to be extra careful when applying flash techniques during the session as it may, or may not, surprise the baby.

There are a few tips on how to correctly apply flash lights in a newborn photoshoot session. These tips focus on the effectiveness of the application as well as the baby’s safety and convenience during the session.

  1. Use the right shutter speed for effective use of the flash

When applying flash to your photography, you cannot use the fastest shutter speed your camera is capable of since it needs to synchronize with the flash as soon as the shutter opens. In general, the speed of your shutter will be around 1/250th per second.

On better quality camera, however, the speed could be much faster, especially in those with dedicated flash units. If you manage to get your hand on one of these high end cameras, then you’ll be able to have much wider aperture as a result. This is really helpful when taking pictures in bright sunshine.

  1. Consider the distance between you and the subject

Light will diminish the further it is from its source. That’s physics. That being said, you need to really consider how far you are when taking pictures of your main subject. Being too close with the subject while using flash on it will make it overexposed, which is never a good thing to start with. That being said, it would be much better to keep your distance and use longer lenses rather than getting closer to your subject.

  1. Use bounce flash to modify the light targeted at your subject

Bouncing your flash means to use some surface to reflect your flash so that it could give different exposure to your main subject. You could use either side reflector or back reflector to do this. Angle indeed is a vital part in flash techniques. Using a top down flashing technique will create different shadows on the main subject compared to bottom up technique. This means that you could have limitless creativity when it comes to applying flash to your newborn photography Calgary.

  1. Use a softbox

A softbox is a really useful photography equipment that could help you managing your lighting well. The main function of this tool is to soften and diffuse the light targeted to your subject, resulting much less shadows on it and thus making it looks much more natural in result.

  1. Use a flash off camera

Sometimes making use of natural lights is a better way than depending on flash. For some occassions, this technique could be applied, especially is the photoshoot session is held in outdoor locations. You could play with natural sunlight to create your best shot.

Those are the tips on using flash in newborn photography Calgary. You could learn more about how flash could make a huge difference in newborn photography by visiting Dulce Baby Photography.