The Kinds of Insurance a Wedding Photographer Adelaide Needs

wedding photographer AdelaideThere are many kinds of insurance available for wedding photographer Adelaide. However, there are mainly 4 things that you need to protect. If you especially consider your job important, you know that having every kind of protection that will not cause major problems is important. Insurance is the best bet that every wedding photographer should have.

Here are the kinds of insurance that you need to have. They protect from the property, professionalism to financial loses and even your customers.


BOP stands of Business Owner’s Policy which includes protection of properties and damages were accidentally done to a second party. For example, your studio was damaged badly from a natural disaster. The company will replace the cost you need to repair and replace some equipment. It will even go as far as providing the price of renting a new location.

As a wedding photographer, you often have to bring along a lot of equipment. Your equipment can get in the way and cause problems. But you don’t have a choice than to place them close to you, so you can immediately use them when you need them. That is why people can sometimes trip over them.

In case they trip and hurt themselves from doing so, you might get sued for it. When that happens, you have to pay for the compensation fee as well as a medical fee. And don’t forget about the legal fee!

Professional indemnity

So, can you protect your professionalism? Yes, you can! There are always people who see flaws in your work. Art, such as photography, is a subjective topic after all. So, when it comes to it, you will have to fight for it or just submit to their demand. Some photographers prefer to end it by refunding them.

But that does not solve everything most of the time. Because these people can still tell others about it and how they earned free wedding pictures from you. That is why a professional wedding photographer Adelaide like Kim Stevens has professional indemnity insurance with them.

Customers love them!

There are more protections, such as travel insurance, etc. that will help protect you while you work. It’s a job that involves traveling and usually demands you to be on the location for the whole day. Having these protections tell your customers something: you care about your job and the wedding pictures that you take.

Not just that, every insurance company has this price cut on premiums for those who have never claimed for anything. You can prove to your customer that you have the lowest rate of problems when dealing with clients. Especially for professional indemnity, because that means no one has ever seen the need to sue you for the works you did for them.

Get featured!

Wedding venues like to feature wedding photographer Adelaide they like to work with. Having an insurance is a big plus for them because then they don’t have to worry about replacing broken things that were accidental by you. This will increase your chance of getting featured in some venues, making it easier to find clients who plan to rent that place.