4 Things Your Wedding Photographers Portsmouth Might Not Tell You About Your Wedding Images

wedding photographers PortsmouthAll that’s shiny and beautiful on that day will be gone the next day. And all that’s left are the wedding pictures taken by your photographer. But despite all those beautiful images and expensive fee you paid for it, here are some facts wedding photographers Portsmouth you might be surprised about!

  1. You don’t own the pictures

Seriously? You don’t own the pictures you paid $2,000 for? Actually, that is the fact not just for the wedding, but all types of photography. Photographers have the rights to protect their artworks, which includes the pictures you paid them for. To a certain extent, you can use those pictures for personal reasons – sending them to friends and family, using them as wallpapers, etc.

But you are not actually allowed to upload them to your social media account. Without the rights to those pictures, you can be sued! Most photographers actually provide their clients with edited pictures as early as within 24-hour with watermarks. That’s the one you can freely upload without an issue.

And yes, you can buy the rights. But they are mostly of the time very expensive.

  1. High turnover time

So, uploading those watermark versions of your wedding pictures just won’t do it anymore now. It’s been 2 months! How much longer do you have to wait?

Well, you can actually look back to your contract to make sure how long your photographer promises your pictures to return. It can differ depending on how many pictures were taken. The longer your photographer worked for you, the more time needed to select and edit those pictures.

And now, you’re itchy to Google the average turnover time, so we’ll let you know. It’s commonly about 4 months for professional wedding photographers Portsmouth who do the editing themselves.

  1. All those group pictures!

After the 7th take and the 5th group, you want to give up. You can’t stand anymore longer and stare at the camera for another spot in your eyes. Staying happy and shaking about the hundredth hand isn’t fun, but it’s part of celebrating this with all these people!

Your wedding photographer also hopes that everyone will skip the greeting parts to quickly get the pictures done. This is because other groups are still waiting and your photographer has to immediately catch up with what’s happening in the wedding hall as well.

  1. This is the real professional

All those photographer sites that you visit to talk about how they are real professionals, but in the end, they are not as good as they say. Some even have the guts to send their assistants to work on your engagement and wedding pictures! Some others outsource their editing and the results are not always amazing.

There are still a lot of professional wedding photographers Portsmouth you can find. But someone we like to recommend from time to time if you live around here is http://jameswhitephotos.com. Check out his sites and gallery to see if you like his works. And definitely drop him a line to consult because he’s the best man in wedding photography that won’t leave the details out!