Tips for Better Flash Photography in Newborn Photography Calgary

newborn photography CalgaryUsing flash in newborn photography Calgary could either make the shots even more beautiful or ruin the whole photoshoot session. It’s a newborn baby that you are using as your subject after all, thus gentle and careful treatment is a must. That being said, you need to be extra careful when applying flash techniques during the session as it may, or may not, surprise the baby.

There are a few tips on how to correctly apply flash lights in a newborn photoshoot session. These tips focus on the effectiveness of the application as well as the baby’s safety and convenience during the session.

  1. Use the right shutter speed for effective use of the flash

When applying flash to your photography, you cannot use the fastest shutter speed your camera is capable of since it needs to synchronize with the flash as soon as the shutter opens. In general, the speed of your shutter will be around 1/250th per second.

On better quality camera, however, the speed could be much faster, especially in those with dedicated flash units. If you manage to get your hand on one of these high end cameras, then you’ll be able to have much wider aperture as a result. This is really helpful when taking pictures in bright sunshine.

  1. Consider the distance between you and the subject

Light will diminish the further it is from its source. That’s physics. That being said, you need to really consider how far you are when taking pictures of your main subject. Being too close with the subject while using flash on it will make it overexposed, which is never a good thing to start with. That being said, it would be much better to keep your distance and use longer lenses rather than getting closer to your subject.

  1. Use bounce flash to modify the light targeted at your subject

Bouncing your flash means to use some surface to reflect your flash so that it could give different exposure to your main subject. You could use either side reflector or back reflector to do this. Angle indeed is a vital part in flash techniques. Using a top down flashing technique will create different shadows on the main subject compared to bottom up technique. This means that you could have limitless creativity when it comes to applying flash to your newborn photography Calgary.

  1. Use a softbox

A softbox is a really useful photography equipment that could help you managing your lighting well. The main function of this tool is to soften and diffuse the light targeted to your subject, resulting much less shadows on it and thus making it looks much more natural in result.

  1. Use a flash off camera

Sometimes making use of natural lights is a better way than depending on flash. For some occassions, this technique could be applied, especially is the photoshoot session is held in outdoor locations. You could play with natural sunlight to create your best shot.

Those are the tips on using flash in newborn photography Calgary. You could learn more about how flash could make a huge difference in newborn photography by visiting Dulce Baby Photography.

Why You Need to Prep as a Wedding Photographer Essex

wedding photographer EssexHave you ever heard of a soldier going to war without a proper battle plan in place? Of course not! Any soldier that does that is just paving the way for a fast defeat or even death of him/herself or subordinate. That is why you always see war strategies being discussed. These strategies also have alternatives to ensure that when contingent events arise, there will be proper methods in place to deal with them.

A wedding photographer Essex should view himself or herself as a soldier. The wedding in question is your battle ground and you need to have various options in place to deal with the possible situations that are likely to rise. If you do not, then you may end up disappointing the wedding couple with the results you present as their wedding album.

That is why, most times we emphasize that for every wedding event a photographer is going to be covering, never make the mistake of going there without a plan or with the same plan you used for a prior event. It is a certain fact that no two events will be the same. This is due to human nature. The taste of every individual varies from their closest counterpart so you cannot expect the same situation you encountered in party A to be replicated in party B. Making that assumption will be a huge mistake on your part.

Below, we are going to emphasize reasons why proper planning is essential before covering a wedding:

  • Prevent surprises

Imagine going to a wedding with one camera and no backup batteries. Now, imagine that during the course of your covering the event, a wedding guest bumps into you leading to your camera falling and sustaining heavy damage. If this happens to you what does that mean for the wedding pictures? Are you just going to stop taking pictures of the wedding because you have no backup camera? If that is the case, then you have definitely failed in your responsibility as a wedding photographer. The couple is not going to listen to your excuses of someone bumped into me since it is your job as a professional to ensure the job you are tasked with is achieved.

  • Ensure readiness

Like they say, anything can happen at any time. What if the wedding couple asks that you stay till the late hours of the day because they want to capture night time photographs? Will you turn them down? Of course, this may also come with extra cash for you and because you did not have a night flash, you end up turning down this opportunity. In photography, it is important to note that you do not rule out anything. You never know the situation you may very find yourself in one day so always plan ahead.

  • Backup

There have been several situations where photographers failed to have backups for memory cards, batteries and even cameras in place. Then certain situations demanding for these accessories eventually crop up. Do not be this type of photographer who ends up regretting lack of foresight. Always be ready.

Visit wedding photographer Essex Justin Bailey Photography for more information.

Your Wedding Photographer Derbyshire Can Take Exquisite Wedding Pictures If You Do These

wedding photographer DerbyshireThere are many things that people suggest clients do about their wedding photography, but we want to point out the following things. These are what will help you and your wedding photographer Derbyshire in capturing those perfect and gorgeous wedding pictures.

Curious? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you now.

Don’t hide anything

The first thing you need to remember is to now withhold any information from your photographer. Make sure that you and your wedding photographer has a proper discussion about your wedding, from the place down to the type of decoration you are planning to use. Let your photographer know what to expect, so he can plan properly for the day.

You also have to understand that your photographer will want to ask you questions, just so they can perfect their plan. It doesn’t mean that they are not good in what they are doing. As a matter of fact, it shows that they care about your wedding photography. A professional will not assume things, but won’t hesitate to ask more.

Invite them to rehearsal

You should also invite your wedding photographer Derbyshire to your rehearsal if you can. It’s a great way to improve your relationship with them and ensure that they get their chances of practicing on the spot. Don’t say that you never let them in and give their ideas a try!

You can also practice how to model for your wedding photographer. It is going to be awkward for you to do this for the first time and make the shots look unprofessional. A good picture is not just about the photographer, but also the model.

But don’t feel too pressured! This is just to give you the chance to get used to the whole thing and if you had hired a professional wedding photographer Derbyshire like, you shouldn’t worry too much!

Don’t overwhelm them

How can a client overwhelm his photographer? There are many things that you can accidentally do actually, but let us tell you the things that people often do. One, people like to make shotlists for their wedding photographers. The shotlist often consists of more than just specific requests by the client; they contain a ridiculous amount of things the photographer has to take pictures of.

This is not good because which photographer wouldn’t know what he’s supposed to take pictures of? If you had hired a professional photographer, it is obvious that the photographer is supposed to know what pictures he has to take.

Respect their input

Most photographers have seen the best and worst wedding parties and they definitely have something to know if something seems wrong. They want your party to be successful because that will affect the pictures that he takes. He wants to help and it’s not just for show!

Your wedding photographer Derbyshire knows a lot about wedding photography, so make sure that you listen to them. Consider if you have to, say, change the position of the stage for example, because the sunlight is too bright and makes everyone squeeze their eyes during the ceremony. Or maybe where you should be standing, so your photographer can get a good picture of you.

The Kinds of Insurance a Wedding Photographer Adelaide Needs

wedding photographer AdelaideThere are many kinds of insurance available for wedding photographer Adelaide. However, there are mainly 4 things that you need to protect. If you especially consider your job important, you know that having every kind of protection that will not cause major problems is important. Insurance is the best bet that every wedding photographer should have.

Here are the kinds of insurance that you need to have. They protect from the property, professionalism to financial loses and even your customers.


BOP stands of Business Owner’s Policy which includes protection of properties and damages were accidentally done to a second party. For example, your studio was damaged badly from a natural disaster. The company will replace the cost you need to repair and replace some equipment. It will even go as far as providing the price of renting a new location.

As a wedding photographer, you often have to bring along a lot of equipment. Your equipment can get in the way and cause problems. But you don’t have a choice than to place them close to you, so you can immediately use them when you need them. That is why people can sometimes trip over them.

In case they trip and hurt themselves from doing so, you might get sued for it. When that happens, you have to pay for the compensation fee as well as a medical fee. And don’t forget about the legal fee!

Professional indemnity

So, can you protect your professionalism? Yes, you can! There are always people who see flaws in your work. Art, such as photography, is a subjective topic after all. So, when it comes to it, you will have to fight for it or just submit to their demand. Some photographers prefer to end it by refunding them.

But that does not solve everything most of the time. Because these people can still tell others about it and how they earned free wedding pictures from you. That is why a professional wedding photographer Adelaide like Kim Stevens has professional indemnity insurance with them.

Customers love them!

There are more protections, such as travel insurance, etc. that will help protect you while you work. It’s a job that involves traveling and usually demands you to be on the location for the whole day. Having these protections tell your customers something: you care about your job and the wedding pictures that you take.

Not just that, every insurance company has this price cut on premiums for those who have never claimed for anything. You can prove to your customer that you have the lowest rate of problems when dealing with clients. Especially for professional indemnity, because that means no one has ever seen the need to sue you for the works you did for them.

Get featured!

Wedding venues like to feature wedding photographer Adelaide they like to work with. Having an insurance is a big plus for them because then they don’t have to worry about replacing broken things that were accidental by you. This will increase your chance of getting featured in some venues, making it easier to find clients who plan to rent that place.